Quantum Vortex: Breath of Life

Hidden objects, puzzles, and quests.


Quantum Vortex: Breath of Life

Welcome to Quantum Vortex: The Breath of Life, an exciting hidden object game.

Where did the Chaos Vortex come from? Can you solve the mystery of Lily Flore’s disappearance? What is Dave Dury up to, why did he quarrel with Lily and what strange events are taking place in the mysterious Institute? Because of the Vortex, some townspeople disappeared and others either changed a lot or lost their memory. Together with a handful of people who have retained their identity, you need to unravel the incredible mystery of the Vortex and get rid of its influence on this entire world.

Explore the incredible city and its surroundings by investigating its hidden objects, such as the Vaults, the Wishing Fountain and more.