Game engine created by our team from scratch meets all the demands of the project development
The game engine is written in C++. It uses minimum memory, works fast, and is optimized for all types of devices including low-performance Android ones. A convenient file system allows a user to segment content into logical structures and download when needed. With this engine and with the help of the single code base, it is possible to develop different mobile, desktop, web browser, and console applications. The engine supports such platforms as Win32/64, UWP, Android, Amazon, IOS, MAC, WEB, Flash, and Apple tvOS. API is written in C++/Javascript. They are simple and understandable, contain a set of basic functions that are required for the majority of games. Developers can easily integrate external SDK into the game in a few minutes.
In order to make the development process more comfortable and efficient, we are constantly adding new functions.
  • Import from Photoshop, After Effects, Spine, and other programs for generation of quality game content
  • The editor is integrated with the code to create prototypes in C++ as quickly as possible
  • Convenient work with materials and events inside the game, render setting, and building
  • Quality systems of particles and animations
  • Javascript support
Our engine gives an opportunity to improve user's experience of the players
With the means of our engine, we've developed in-app purchases and push-notifications. Transactions are available on Apple AppStore, Google Play, Amazon AppStore, Windows store. Push-notifications allow contact with players sending a message directly to their mobile devices. The engine supports localizations in different languages, including Arabic and Asian ones.
Our team
The company was found in 2010 when the development of the game engine started. By combining art, design, and technical skills, we have been creating great games that players want to play again and again. We are convinced that cool projects can be implemented only by those people who are passionate about what they do. That's the reason why we're striving to create perfect conditions for our employees to work, grow professionally, and reach their potential. We are always open to talented people or teams that adore games.
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