Secrets of the Mansion

Hidden object adventure

My name is Emma and I really need your help.

Aunt Karen, my only surviving relative, has disappeared in strange circumstances. Don't even think that I am exaggerating. My auntie is very pedantic and punctual and nothing like this ever happened to her before. I'm afraid that she is in trouble!

I don't even recognize the house where I grew up! All of the Hamilton Estate has turned into a quest room where there are lots of hidden objects and unsolved puzzles. A chain of mysterious events and incomprehensible coincidences both excite and scare me. You would never believe what I found in one of the rooms! What's the point of talking about it, it's best to come and see for yourself!

And... I think someone wants to kill me... I am sure that only you can help me! I need a friend with an unusual way of thinking, who is highly intelligent and has a brave heart, someone who will support me and give me some good advice about what to do in this situation.

We would like to invite you into a world of intrigue and adventure, where you can show your hidden deduction talents and more.

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