Birds Town Blast

Fun, puzzles and quests!

Do you know anything about Birds Town? No? Then now's the time to plunge in to the exciting world of a game with smart and funny feathered protagonists.

Funny stories, entertaining adventures, an incredible whirlwind of events, and a world full of mystery and magic await you.

But it's not all that simple! Your dexterity, attentiveness and a sharp mind will be required, because often instead of finding funny birds in the town, you'll come across cruel, cunning and dangerous Cats, who can cause all sorts of trouble.

Help the birds to restore their ruined town, avoid traps, and solve complicated riddles. Who but you can save the Birds from those awful Cats?

Picturesque locations, interesting levels, colorful heroes, and mysterious Artifacts all await you!

Welcome to Birds Town and to adventures!

Game features:
- Fun levels
- An interesting world with its own lore
- Memorable, colorful characters
- Exciting plot developments
- Riddles, puzzles and brain teasers
- Designing of cities, and even continents
- Getting to know emotional characters and their relationships